:: Welcome To Telugu Association of Canberra ::

        A warm welcome to you and your family into the TAC community!

Telugu Association of Canberra (or TAC, as it is well known) is the oldest and biggest Telugu organization in Canberra.

Telugu Association of Canberra is a non-profit organization devoted to the awareness and promotion of Telugu Heritage and Culture in the Australian Capital Territory. The Association was originally founded in 2000 and incorporated as a non-profit organization. What was once a brain child of small group of individuals, TAC has grown to be one of the oldest and largest Telugu organizations in the Canberra.

                                                                        TAC celebrates and organizes various Telugu festivals annually and encourages participation by members and well-wishers at these events. As a part of Telugu culture promotion, TAC organizes few festivals every year: Vinayaka chavithi,Ragam Thalam pallvai ,Bhathukamma and Ugadi in addition to hosting an annual picnic in summer. TAC Membership is open to all who have common interests. TAC programs are also open to non-members who will be required to pay a small entry fee. As a leading organization in the Canberra area connecting people of telugu culture, TAC is actively involved in various community events.TAC is run by a board of executive committee who are elected by TAC members in annual AGM . Any member of TAC is to eligible contest in the elections.

              TAC::Divided by States ,United by the Language.And by the people .

                                                                                ఏదేశమేగినా ఎందుకాలిడిన

                                                                              ఏపీఠమెక్కినా, ఎవ్వరేమనిన

                                                                            పొగడరా నీ తల్లి భూమి భారతిని

                                                                            నిలుపరా నీ జాతి నిండు గౌరవము


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