Telugu Radio

Every Tuesday on 98.3 FM Community Radio
From 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm

First broadcast of Canberra Telugu Vaani
Date: Thu 04 April 1996
Broadcast from FM 91.9 Community Broadcast Radio Mawson ACT 2611


Presenters: Mrs Nagamani Rao, GBN Rao and Lakshman Prasad
The first broadcast was well received and had nearly 70 listners to the program who provided with feedback via phone and survey messages. Mrs Subbalakshmi, SambaMurthy Manchella and Lalitha Manchella joined the group in presenting the programs from August 1996 onwards.

Radio programs were costed at $20 for every half hour and Mrs and Mr GBN Rao and Mrs and Mr Lakshman Prasad and Mrs Meena Sriram pooled in their personal funds to kick start funding the radio programs. Mrs and Mr Manchella came forward with financial assistance as soon as they started to volunteer to present which reduced the pressures on the other two families. The following Diwali function in Nov 1996 was the first time the Canberra Telugu Community was informed of the costs involved in presenting the radio program and funding assistance was sought in the form of donations. On the day only $80.00 was raised and that money was used for future programs from Nov 1996 onwards.

The Radio program never had a break even during Christmas/New Year as volunteers were there at all times and never had to consider not presenting a program. In 1999 Rao Adiraju joined the volunteers of presenters for a short while which again was a great boost to the presenters of the Radio Program and started to be the manager for the roster of the Radio program in 2000. Rao Adiraju was felicitated with an award for his contribution the Radio program at an at Hawker College Ugadi function in 2007.

In 2001, due to closure of FM9.1 in Maswon, Telugu Vaani shifted its broadcasting to 98.3 FM 2XX station.

At the time since the community was still small and Canberra not having more than 25 Telugu families, the radio station approached Mandir Society of Australia an incorporated body to be the sponsor for the Radio Program. Board of Patrons of Mandir Society were kind to extend their support to the Canberra Telugu Vaani program and further assisted in putting applications of support for the Radio Program. This was greatly appreciated by the volunteers presenting the Radio Program.

In 2002 there were Telugu families were interested in joining the Radio Program and the following community members such as Bandi Narasimha Rao, Shanti Reddy, Usha Sriram, Ramesh Kandukuri, Manju Nathaniel, and Satish Reddy, got trained as presenters for the Radio Program. This was encouraging as these volunteers distributed the load on the volunteer presenters.

Between 2002 and 2006 there was contributions from other Telugu Community members such as Chakra Raavinuthala, Ravi Madadi, Srinivas Hanumiahagari and Rudra Prasad. The community members greatly appreciated their contributions and encouraged them to host various shows as well.

The Canberra Telugu Vaani also recorded various plays and presented them during the time and volunteers organising and taking part in the play included Rao Adiraju, bandi Narasimha Rao, Sambamurthy Manchella, Lakshman Prasad, Shant Reddy, Chakra Raavinuthala, Ravi Mdadi, Srinvias Hanumiahagari, Rajani Chintamani, Subbalakshmi Manchella and Sumana. The radio program also presented interview with personalities such as Dr C Naryana Reddy, Padmabhushan Vemapti Chinna Satyam, Lok Sabha Speaker late Sri Baliaha, Mrs Najma Hepatulla, Minister Hon Mr Hegde, local politicians such as Senators Hon Mrs Kate Lundy, Mr Garry Humphries, Mr Zed Seslja, ACT Chief Ministers Mr John Stanhope, Ms Kate Carnell, Ms Joy Burch, Cricketer Mr Chris Cairns, Mr VVS Lakshman, Mr Dravid, and interviews with High Commissioners for India Mr G.Parthasarthy, Mr Prabhat Shukla, Mrs Sujatha Singh and recently Mr Biren Nanda.

The 2XX Radio station in 2005 lost Commonwealth funding for a period of one year when the ACT Government stepped in and desired that all Radio Programs to be registered. This is the year in which Canberra Telugu Vaani and Samithi Inc was registered to primarily carry out presenting the radio program and to assist community activities where necessary. Since then the Radio station has received funding support from ACT Government and would like to thank the ACT Government Office of the Multicultural Affairs and the Minsiter for the Multicultural Affairs for their support.

The Canberra Telugu Vaani Radio Station received Telugu community support over the years and the volunteers greatly appreciate this support and are grateful that the community recognises the contributions made the Radio program. The volunteers are also grateful to the people behind this publication and recognise them for the volunteer time to pull the publication into a document. This is a great achievement and we should all be proud of every contribution that each community member makes big or small. Every contribution made is to pull the community together and we are confident that Canberra Telugu Association will grow into a big organisation over the years. We wish them the best and the current committee and community members a very Happy Ugadi.

తెలుగు వాణి

కాన్బెర్రాలో తెలుగుల ఆకాశ వాణి
తేనెలొలుకు తీయని మన తెలుగు వాణి
అమృతమైన అమ్మభాషలో ఆనందం పంచి
అరగంటలో కనుమరుగయ్యే అదృశ్యవాణి
గత 20 సంవత్సరాలుగా అలుపెరుగక
లక్ష్మనాదిబండిమూర్తుల మురిపాల బోణి
సంగీత, సాహిత్య సరస సల్లాపాల నెల్ల

సంయుక్తంగా భాషించు సమ్మిళిత వాణి
98.3 తరంగాలపై కులుకు ఉలుకుపలుకుల రాణి
ప్రవాసాన తెలుగు తల్లిని ప్రస్తుతించి తరియించ
దీక్ష బూనిన ధీరసాలి మన తెలుగు అశరీర వాణి
అందుకే, అందుకో తల్లి
కాన్బెర్ర తెలుగు సంఘం అత్మాభివందనాలు